School of Professional Studies

“Professional Studies” is a term used to classify academic programs that are applied or interdisciplinary in focus. As opposed to academic studies, the purpose of professional studies is to apply knowledge rather than to increase or contribute to knowledge. The school of professional studies is one of those schools of the Cuttington University School of Graduate and Professional Studies, with the mandate to offer professional training in various fields of professional studies.

Our Services
The School of Professional Studies offers variety of professional training programs within the scope of the board and administration of Cuttington University for individuals and business and industries. Our programs and services include but not limited to:

Post Graduate Diplomas
•  Post graduate diploma in education
•  Post graduate diploma in project planning & Management
•  Post graduate diploma in logistics & supply chain management
•  Post graduate diploma in monitoring & evaluation
•  Post graduate diploma in human resource management
•  Post graduate Post graduate diploma in school Administration
•  Post graduate diploma in church administration
•  Post graduate diploma in Business Administration
•  Post graduate diploma in public finance
•  Post graduate diploma in epidemiology

Certificate Programs
•  Short term certificate in school administration
•  Short term certificate in Church Administration
•  Professional Certificate program in Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship
•  Professional Certificate in Information Technology (IT Infrastructure Management)
•  Professional certificate in microfinance

Short-Term Training workshops:
•  Leadership development
•  School administration
•  Church administration
•  Project Planning
•  Grants Proposal Writing
•  Procurement and Supply Chain Management
•  Monitoring & Evaluation
•  Small Business Management
•  Electronic Accounting and Data Processing
•  Customer service
•  Budget development
•  Managing people
•  Performance management
•  Business writing and decision-making skills

The success of the school of professional studies is rooted in its solid business structure and support team that empowers the growth of the school:
•  Associate Vice President, who heads the school
•  Director of Programs, designs program and supervises program facilitators and coordinators
•  Marketing officer, drives the marketing agenda and strategies of the school
•  Administrative Assistant/Secretary, provides clerical support for the office

Patricia Barkoum
Associate Vice President

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