The personal growth and welfare of students are important to us, as they pass through the  hands of our faculty and the walls of the university.  Each  of our institutions, whether residential or not, that make up the University has  guiding rules and regulations governing the  common life of our students.

To review  the Student Handbook for the Cuttington Junior College in Kakata
To review  the Student Handbook for Undergraduate studies in Suakoko
To review  the Student Handbook for the Graduate School in Monrovia


Along with the University Choir, the university has reactivated the Cuttington University Cultural Troupe which was a part of the University life at Cuttington before the war. Throughout each year, the Cultural Troupe brought to the Cuttington Community the best-featured cultural events from around Liberia. The strategic location at Cuttington indicates that untapped cultural potential can be discovered. A cultural festival is scheduled as an annual event.