Cuttington takes seriously the role of the Chaplaincy in its common life.  Led by a senior Chaplain, the Chaplaincy of the University is clothed with the mandate to supervising/conducting the religious and spiritual programs of the various organs within the entire institution at large.  The Chaplain has judiciously liaised with various colleges and offices of the university over the years.  It normally concentrates it programmatic activities at the Epiphany Chapel in Suakoko.  The Chaplaincy has successfully:

  1. Coordinated all religious campus-based organizations (fellowships) under one umbrella body.
  2. Made sure services are held on Wednesdays and Sundays for all persons to worship God.
  3. Provided counseling to students and struggling with moral and academic problems.
  4. Provided counseling also for faculty and staff with marital and other challenges.