CU Academic Continuity Plan Public 001

 Academic Continuity Plan Summary

1. The University intends to conclude the 2019-2020 Semester II by dividing the
     academic instructions into two phases:
     A. Phase I - Online Phase
     B. Phase II - Face-to-face Phase
     C. Alternative Plan

    A. Phase I – Online Phase
   The Online phase will cover a period of seven weeks. The first week will be for
    faculty preparation and initial training. The remaining six weeks will be used for
    instructional purposes. To ensure that learning takes place and is documented during
    this period, the Online Phase would be divided into at least three parts, each with its
    set of objectives. Questions related to each part will be sent to students. Questions for
    all parts could be sent at one time. However, students would be required to respond to
    question in the part under consideration and return them by the designated times. The
    faculty will correct the student submissions with appropriate comments and return
    them to the student in a timely manner. These questions could be used as final
    evaluation for the semester.

    Questions could be sent to students through email, text messages, or other electronic

    B. Phase II Face-to-Face Phase
    The Face-to-Face Phase will cover a period of four weeks including one week of final
    exams. During this period, faculty would review and continue the evaluation of
    students as appropriate.

    C. Alternative Plan
    In the event that the State of the Nation has not returned to normal, the alternative
    plan is to complete Phase I over an eleven-week period with the first week used for
    faculty preparation and initial training.

2. Start Time
    Phase I of the Academic Continuity Plan is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 15,
    2020 and extend for seven weeks. Phase two will begin one week after the
    completion of Phase I to allow students to return to campus. In the event that the State
    of the Nation has not returned to normal, Phase I will continue as specified without a

    Each Unit of the University is in readiness to address unit-specific challenges such as
    thesis, laboratories, student teaching, and professional development.



This page is intended to communicate with all constituents of Cuttington University about plans to provide quality education to all of its students during the Corona Virus pandemic.

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