Message from Dr. Herman B. Browne

 It pleases me to welcome you to this Website and greet you on behalf of the Board of Trustees of Cuttington University. We strive to offer those of you  visiting this site an opportunity to grasp the character of our work and the level of our service to the nation. I hope you will not be disappointed.

 Our multicultural, religious and social diversity amongst both staff and students continue to be a blessing to this Scorpion family. Many are the challenges  and few are the relief; but great is the reward that comes from pressing on to do what is right for our young ones. We seek your intentional support and  prayers in every deed and thoughts of yours.

 To the Alumni Association, Liberia and the Americas, we salute you. To the People and Government of the Republic of Liberia, we salute you. To the  colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion, we salute you. You and many more that have held our hands and journeyed with us thought difficult and thrilling times past. Please be assured of just how open this new leadership is to all your help, guidance and trust.

It shall be my labor of love to see our graduates read, write, speak and think well to the upliftment of our nation and the peace and prosperity of all.

As I take on the leadership of this historic institution, I invite your partnership with me so that we might together enable the unprepared to succeed, the prepared to advance and the advanced to excel.

Welcome again!